Business is not complicated,..people are

Typically, business owners want to run a business efficiently to grow, make a profit and deliver great products and services that make customers happy and want to return.  Business is NOT complicated.  There is a finite set of best tools and practices for effective leadership and running a business.  It’s a big ass toolbox, but most effective leaders and well-run companies use the same “best” tools and practices.

Where we often fall short is in how we organize our people, communicate to them and create a culture of aligned clarity of purpose, accountability, and execution.  This requires the capability to deal effectively with the complexity of people.  The better we understand human emotion, the more capable we are to predict how others may best receive the communication we deliver.

We cannot expect other people to change to the way we want them to be.  However, we can change and adapt the way that we communicate and relate to other people in a way that helps them to decide how and why they may choose to change their attitudes and behaviors.

The biggest mistake leaders often make is to tell others what to do and how to do it.  This is a quick and easy way to deliver a message or instructions, however, it is your way, not the employees’ way.  Sometimes this mode of communicating is best or necessary because of the need for speed or timing. 

The best way to communicate your message or instruction is to ask:

  1. What do you think is the best-desired result? 
  2. What do you think is the best way to achieve that result? 
  3. What impact will this have on other people or things? 
  4. What alternative approaches can you think of? 
  5. What obstacles can you think of? 

You may know all the answers; however, it is much more effective to ask others a line of questioning that will lead them to their own conclusion about what to do and how to get it done.  Then, they will perceive it as their own idea and be more committed and accountable for doing it and meeting your expectations and results.  This approach also teaches others how to think and make decisions. 

We must take more time and be more patient to develop the people around us.  This will result in a more continuous improvement culture.  The better job we do in creating better leaders, then we get less complexity in our environment.  We must have a plan to develop ourselves as leaders in order to be able to more effectively develop other leaders.

Invest in yourself so that you continue to learn how to become more effective.  Invest yourself and your money into developing the people around you.  Business is not that complicated, and people don’t have to be either.