12 Questions to ask when considering a CEO Peer Group

12 Questions to ask when considering a CEO Peer Group

CEO Peer Groups facilitate discussion for business performance improvement (and life improvement) among business leaders on a membership basis.All Per Groups are not created equally. While you might expect that all Peer Groups are confidential and that the members will hold each other harmless so that the exchange can be candid, not all Groups are the same. Some questions to ask when you are considering joining a Peer Group.

  1. Is the Group right-fit vs. one size fits all?
  2. Does the facilitator not compete with others of the same brand for members?
  3. Is the Group professionally-facilitated?
  4. Is the (usually) monthly meeting a half-day vs. full-day commitment?
  5. Is the Group mixed-industry?
  6. Is it mixed in years of participant experience?
  7. Does membership includes optional workshops/ symposia at no extra charge?
  8. Can a member invite colleagues/guests to those events (free)?
  9. Is there a participation-value-planning component?
  10. Are there optional social activities?
  11. Is access to the facilitator and communication between Group members between meetings encouraged?
  12. Will the facilitator and Group hold you accountable?

In my experience, the more YES answers about the Group you are considering, the greater the return you can expect on your time and financial investment.

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