Five Things I Learned at the Allied Executives Health Care & Employee Benefit Update Event

  1. How will I be covered?
    - 1/2 Insured by Employer
    - 1/3 Insured by Government
    - 1 in 10 people will buy their own insurance
    - About 30 million people (just fewer than 1 in 10 people) will still have no insurance.
  2. Those insured by Employer may have some new advantages like caps on what you pay out of pocket and free preventative care.
  3. Larger companies (with 50 or more employees) will be required to provide coverage for full time workers or face penalties. (Delayed till 2015)
  4. Smaller Employers won't be penalized but will be encouraged to provide insurance with an online marketplaces and tax breaks. Also insurers can't inflate prices if someone gets sick.
  5. Government insured, for seniors not much will change the law has already started helping with prescription drugs and better preventative care. Medicaid will expand for poor adults, if your income is low Medicaid will likely cover you but there is a catch each state can determine if your state will expand Medicaid.
1The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation "The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare" video. (

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