Strategies for Building a High Growth Sales Organization

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 from 1:30 PM - 6:00 PM

SPEAKERS: Gary and Mike Braun, Pivotal Advisors 
Gary and Mike Braun are the Principal Owners of Pivotal Advisors, LLC, a national sales improvement firm dedicated to helping companies drive sales performance through implementation and reinforcement of systems, process tools and effective management.

Pivotal Advisors, LLC has found that the implementation of these core components drives accountability and increases the effectiveness of sales team members. Sales leaders that follow best practices for managing their sales teams outperform their peers consistently with 17% more in revenue and have 22% more of their team members achieve their goals. Many companies lack one or more fundamental components of a high-performing sales organization and Pivotal Advisors helps them determine how and where to make improvements. Their goal is to implement these best practices into your sales organization.  Simply put, they help sales leaders hire the right people, surround them with disciplined systems and processes, and implement them through strong sales leadership.  Pivotal Advisors helps to create teams that not only sell more, but sell profitably, predictably and effectively.

How to breakthrough and achieve your next level of sales growth.

  • Understand the most common sales growth challenges and solutions
  • Learn and understand the six segments of a strong sales system and which have the biggest impact
  • Become aware of how leaders hinder sales performance and what they can do to stop
  • Understand the three essential things that ultimately drive sales
  • Identify what you and your organization can do differently to change your sales outcomes